Aircraft Leasing

Operating Leases

For airlines interested in aircraft on operating lease, LNS Aero maintains access to some of the largest portfolios of aircraft in the world featuring a wide variety of aircraft types from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer. Each transaction we take part in has individual customized lease terms, operating leases typically range 3-12 years in length. Other benefits of an operating lease with LNS Aero include:

  • Lower cash outlays to preserve working capital
  • Fleet flexibility to introduce new routes or aircraft types
  • Flexibility to increase or reduce capacity quickly
  • No residual value risk
  • Newer aircraft models with no need for pre-delivery payments or significant down payments with the manufacturers
  • Off-balance-sheet accounting treatment

LNS Aero Internationals E-commerce and Virtual Business approach allows our worldwide team to reduce our carbon footprint and allows us the flexibility to meet your needs wherever and whenever.

Aircraft Loans and Structured Finance Solutions

With over a Half century of combined Commercial Jet financing solutions, LNS can structure financial transactions to suit your needs.

We have executed transactions with our Industry customers to help them update their fleets, increase liquidity, lower debt, and move asset risk off their bottom lines.

LNS offers access to a number of structured financial solutions to airlines including finance leases, and secured loans.

LNS Aero international offers a wide selection of aviation financing and leasing options, tailored to your precise business requirements.

As with the aircraft assets we finance, our dedicated team of industry experts moves fast to structure and deliver the solutions your team needs, when and where you need them.



From operating leases to finance leases, we offer a full range of leasing solutions for commercial,
corporate aircraft and engines to help customers optimize cash flow and provide flexibility in fleet management.

Commercial Aircraft

Leasing solutions for narrowbodies, widebodies, regional jets and freighters.

Engines on Commercial Aircraft

Engine leasing solutions for GE, CFM, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney and IAE engines.

Corporate Aircraft

Leasing solutions for turboprops through large intercontinental-capable jets and helicopters.



Multiple secured loan options for aircraft, engines and spare parts.

Commercial Aircraft

Provider and arranger of asset based financing on commercial aircraft.

Engines on
Commercial Aircraft

Secured loans on GE, CFM, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney and IAE engines.

Spare Parts

Loans for spare parts on select commercial aircraft.

Corporate Aircraft

Loans for turboprops through large intercontinental-capable jets and helicopters.


Consulting and Servicing...

We provide management solutions for commercial aircraft and engines, and management consultancy services
that specialize in providing Airport solutions and Airline planning.     

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