Airline Start Up & Rehabilitation

From the world’s largest carriers to new start-ups, LNS Aero International, provides specialist advisory services to successfully compete in today’s global market.

How we can help:

LNS Aero International advises new start-ups on the commercial financial, technical, legal, political and insurance aspects of airline operations, as well as problem leases and tax regulations. We also help you manage issues surrounding all regulatory approvals.

We provide valuable and expert counsel to our clients, administered at all levels of management and frontline structure. Our advisory services cover a wide range of functions and activities, which will give your company a distinct competitive edge in the industry.

We will consult to help you formulate regulating policy, launch your new company, or completely renovate your existing company by advising you on Management Restructuring, Performance Optimization, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Financial Management.

Our expert consulting services are available in the following areas:

✈  Corporate Restructuring
✈  Global Strategy Formulation and Implementation
✈  Human Resources: Management, Pilot and Flight Attendant Hiring
✈  Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Financial Plan
✈  Aircraft Fleet Planning, Procurement, Completions, and Refurbishments
✈  Route Analysis, Route Feasibility studies, Route Management and Optimization
✈  Yield and revenue Management
✈  Cost Control Planning and Implementation
✈  Fuel Efficiency Management and control
✈  Flight Operations and Maintenance Management
✈  Cargo Operations and training
✈  Ground operations and training

Find out how we can serve your needs, step by step.

Stage 1 2 3 4 5
Your Workflow Market Research
and Analysis
Business Planning Aircraft Selection
and Acquisition
Launch and Operations Benchmarking
and Monitoring
Your Key Questions What's the market outlook for passenger and cargo traffic? How can I compile and validate a robust and sound business plan? Which aircraft should I operate and where do I find new or used aircraft to buy or lease which meet operational and economic needs? How can I implement a successful launch strategy and evolve the business? What market conditions have changed? Do I need to revise my fleet, network or operations strategy?
Consultancy Solutions
Market Research and Sector Analysis Independent Forecasting Regulatory Advisory Services Market Analysis Competitor Analysis Commissioned Business Plans Fleet and Network Advisory Services Feasibility Studies, Market Commentaries, Aircraft Type Certificates and Air Operator Certificates, Advisory Services, Organizational Structure and Staff Recruitment Advisory Services Monitoring and Revised Forecasting, Portfolio Monitoring, Business Health Checks, Industry Trend Analysis
Data Solutions
We help you to analyze and understand the global fleet composition and distribution over the next 10 years. We help you to analyze and understand the competitors' fleet, deliveries and plans. Values Inquiry Services to understand current and future portfolio valuations. We help you to analyze and to understand how to identify potential acquisitions. Values Inquiry Services to model lease rentals or purchase prices based on current market values. We help you to analyze and to monitor competitors' future fleet and route plans, and assess new start-ups. We will give you our professional assistance for our opinion on market performance and outlook. Our analysis to monitor market lease rate and value fluctuations. We help you to profile competitors' fleet, utilization and financial performance.
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