Aviation Consulting

LNS AERO International, along with our highly experienced partners and team of management consultants, will analyze and asses your business’ concerns, and provide you with the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for your Business’s needs.

We will help you to easily resolve critical and complex concerns, by developing unique global strategies and solutions so that your company and team are always at the forefront, and lead the industry in your area of scope and operation. Our expertise includes providing management consulting services for our Airline clients as well as those representing Airlines, Corporate Aviation, Governments, & General Aviation Globally.

We provide valuable and expert counsel to our clients, administered at all levels of management and frontline structure. Our advisory services cover a wide range of functions and activities, which will give your company a distinct competitive edge in the industry.

We can help you formulate regulating policy, launch a new company, or completely renovate your existing company by advising you on Management Restructuring, Performance Optimization, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Financial Management.

Our expert consulting services are available in the following areas:

✈  Corporate Restructuring
✈  Global Strategy Formulation and Implementation
✈  Human Resources: Management, Pilot and Flight Attendant Hiring
✈  Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Financial Plan
✈  Aircraft Fleet Planning, Procurement, Completions, and Refurbishments
✈  Route Analysis, Route Feasibility studies, Route Management and Optimization
✈  Yield and revenue Management
✈  Cost Control Planning and Implementation
✈  Fuel Efficiency Management and control
✈  Flight Operations and Maintenance Management
✈  Cargo Operations and training
✈  Ground operations and training

Flight Operations Consulting

Newly evolving technology, dynamic and volatile economic conditions, complex government regulations, along with new levels of accountability, has put an ever increasing demand on Airlines and Flight Operations departments worldwide. Flight Operations executives are constantly under pressure to deliver results, while having to maintain high levels of safety, along with minimizing operational costs.

LNS AERO International will perform a detailed and precise analysis of your Flight Operations Department, using our team of highly accomplished, skilled, and qualified consultants, who are part of our select industry partners, and who combined, have over a Century of combined flight operations management experience in the airline industry. We can help you with:

✈  Increased Levels of Operational Safety
✈  Improved Risk Management and Error Management in your operations
✈  Improved Regulatory Compliance
✈  Boost in Business Performance
✈  Reduced Costs with better Financial Control

Let us help you develop an operational strategy based on a customized model, with a focus on safety and efficiency that can easily be implemented so that you can better manage your risks and profitability

Aviation Safety Consulting

At LNS AERO International, we address the issue of Safety with utmost importance. We are constantly striving to promote Aviation Safety through our dedicated approach, to help your operation become safer, more efficient, and cost-effective all around. We will advise you with various comprehensive, innovative, and affordable solutions, customized to meet all of your operational, and regulatory needs. We work closely with the governmental regulatory bodies, airlines, aviation companies, and educational institutions, all over the world.

Leveraging our established relationships with key industry partners, we are able to provide you with the most effective advice to boost your level of safety across the organization.

We will perform a thorough safety audit of your operations, including a complete Gap Analysis. We will make specific recommendations to enhance and improve safety, also offering you a web-based & managed services program, consisting of a turn-key solution, for all of your required areas.

Our Safety Consulting services are available world-wide, and our clients include Passenger and Cargo Airlines, Corporate Aviation Departments, Air Taxi and Fractional Operators, Aircraft Maintenance / MRO facilities, Aircraft Manufacturers, Commercial ATC facilities, Flight Schools, and University / College flight departments.


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