Flight Training Consulting

For clients looking for expert advice with their flight training program, LNS Aero International, has a proven record of helping you meet each of your specific needs.

In association with Simulation Standards, and our other select industry partners, we cater to all types of clients including airlines, corporate flight departments, charter companies, universities/colleges, aviation academies, flight schools, and private individuals.


We specialize in effectively solving your training problems by offering consulting services for the following:

  • ✈  Flight Crew analysis for airlines.
  • ✈  Flight-Crew pre-screening, pre-hire evaluation, selection, and training, for airlines.
  • ✈  Ab-initio Pilot Training, including establishment and operation of Flight Training Academies.
  • ✈  Business Plans, and turn-key, state-of-the-art solutions and networking opportunities for startup flight departments.
  • ✈  Regulatory Approvals Worldwide for TRTO's and training centers.
  • ✈  Business Development and Marketing.

Maximize your earning potential...

Contact us to discuss your flight training requirements, and we will help you maximize your earning potential and to become a safer, more efficient, and profitable organization that is able to effortlessly lead the pack in today's true global training environment.      

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